Monday, October 5, 2015

North & South Again

Somewhere on the Road in California (top image) & Sun Glinting off of a Spider's Web in Friday Harbor, WA  September, 2015 © Marissa Roth

On the road, 2,600 miles in 3 weeks. Was headed north to Friday Harbor, WA, to spend 2 months in a self-assigned writer's retreat in order to finish the text for the "One Person Crying: Women and War" book, when an unexpected good-news email dropped in with the offer of a teaching position at Saddleback College in Laguna Hills. My beloved friend Daniel Mazia always said, "You need to go where the work is...", and so I repacked the car and headed back down to LA in order to plug-in formally, get grounded and prep for the classes and to continue working on other projects.

Ah, the road of life sometimes decides for us….again, I thought I was heading north, to the land of pines and pacific environs. And again, I am back amongst the freeways and too familiar surroundings!

The journey continues…..

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